Fabiolas espadrilles is committed to the land, tradition, its clients and the environment.


Life is full of small moments that we will always remember, and Fabiolas wants to be part of them, silently accompanying you, without leaving a mark. Live the moment, enjoy it and realise that Fabiolas are with you, on your feet.

In Fabiolas Espadrilles, we don’t want to create tendencies, make an impression, because the style and the impression are left by you. Fabiolas adapt to how you are, your personality, strengthening it, and in the same way adapting to your feet, being part of you.

A way of being, its own style, authentic, that is capable of leaving its mark on everything else but not on the environment..

These are our values:


AUTHENTICITY: sincere and honest with the work, the product and the tradition.


Permanently searching for QUALITY in the processes, products and their relationship.


RESPECT: to the surroundings, our land, the environment, clients and colleagues.


COMMITTMENT to the region (employment and creation of wealth), with the clients, with the continuous learning and with the planet.


FABIOLAS is a company that has as its principle values the respect for the environment and its surroundings, and as objectives for the future to endeavour to ensure that each day to be more sustainable in their processes and products. For this it is committed to reducing their carbon footprint:

The carbon footprint is the group of greenhouse effect gases that directly or indirectly are emitted by the company in the fabrication of its artisanal espadrilles.

FABIOLAS is registered in the list of companies that calculate their carbon footprint, that is to say, its environmental impact, to reduce and compensate this print.

The stamps emitted by the Ministry of Ecological Transition show its participation in the registry, and reflects the effort made by the company against the climatic change, in such a way that any action carried out by themselves is always valued under environmental and sustainability parameters.