Espadrilles that don’t leave a mark. The mark they leave is on the soul not on the environment.

Fabiolas No-Trace is the result of our commitment to minimalize the carbon footprint.

Fabiolas juke shoes No-Trace is born from an exhaustive eco-design project developed between Zel’s and the Technological Centre of Footwear of La Rioja (CTCR) recognized and awarded as the best eco-design project by the IED Madrid in its first edition in 2016.

Environmental experts estimate that it is necessary maintain 6 trees a year to compensate the CO2 emissions generated during the manufacturing of a pair of shoes. In the case of Fabiolas juke shoes no-trace it is only necessary to maintain one tree.

Our commitment is:


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The whole concept of the espadrille has been redesigned, recycled materials, natural fibres and innovative process have been incorporated, to be able to reduce its impact on the environment.
esquema alpargata

1. Hand sewn: It takes 20 minutes to sew a pair and is the most technical and difficult part.

2. Jute braid: 100% biodegradable, recyclable and doesn’t harm the environment.

3. Piñatex: A natural and sustainable fabric made only from the fibres of pineapple leaves.

4. Recycled tyres: Gran durabilidad y resistencia a la abrasión y el desgaste. Propiedades antideslizantes.

5. Recycleable materials: Cork granules and recycled foams.