We want to accompany you at all times because at Fabiolas we create espadrilles that adapt to each of your needs, to each situation. Get to know us and enjoy with us.

authenticity AUTHENTICITY : we do not want to create trends or leave a mark, because the style and mark are left by you. We are sincere and honest with the work, the product and the tradition.
quality_fabiolas We seek QUALITY in processes, products and relationships.
respect_fabiolas RESPECT : for the environment, our land, the environment, customers and colleagues. We have as challenges to achieve in the future to be more sustainable in its processes and products. This is why we have committed to reducing our carbon footprint.
commitment_fabilas COMMITMENT to the region (employment and wealth creation), to customers, to continuous learning and to the planet.

And all this is translated into our collection of espadrilles : fresh, vital, handcrafted with the best materials and committed to the environment.

We will prove it to you: there is a Fabiolas espadrille for every moment and every woman. And you, which Fabiolas are you?