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Enter and discover the latest news from Fabiolas , with which you will be able to be trendy and show off your style before anyone else, completing your most special outfits with the most distinguished footwear that will allow you to be impeccable, make a difference and stand out from the crowd. the rest. Do you like the idea? 


Here you will find the new women's shoes from Fabiolas , which we have designed taking into account the latest trends in the world of women's footwear, but maintaining at all times the essence of our brand, which has allowed us to position ourselves as one of the first options in footwear since 1996 . 


With renewed and exclusive designs, among our new footwear for women you will find that shoe that will complete your looks in the best possible way, adding a chic touch to any outfit you have in mind while enjoying maximum comfort. Are you going to miss the news from Fabiolas ? Run and get them before anyone else! 


Discover the latest online news from Fabiolas


At Fabiola s we are always working and we are in a constant search that allows us to know the latest trends in the world of women's footwear, and we incorporate them into our catalog with our own characteristic designs that perfectly represent the essence of our firm. 


If you are a lover of our brand, and you consider yourself a woman who values ​​style and quality without sacrificing comfort, you are in the right place, since here you will find the latest in Fabiolas women's sandals, espadrilles and sneakers , being able to Choose from countless different designs that will fit what you are looking for, will adapt to your style and satisfy your needs. They will exceed your expectations. 


And despite novelties, as always, the new Fabiolas continue to be a guarantee of high quality, authenticity, respect and commitment , just as they were in 1996, when we began this hectic and incredible adventure. 


With their own and exclusive designs , the latest Fabiolas novelties show off classic and timeless designs, but fashionable, allowing you to be up-to-date and show off your style no matter what you wear, and wherever you go. 


Handmade , traditional and simple , we offer sustainable comfort in all our models, since to create the new Fabiolas we use only high-quality materials that are responsible for the environment. We make our sandals, espadrilles and sneakers by hand, taking care of every detail of the production process. 


You already know, if you want to always be up to date, show off your style and wear our latest models, here are the latest from Fabiolas . With multiple options available, you have so many to choose from that you won't even know where to start. You will want them all.